The Covid-19 lockdown has changed our life in many ways.  The way we look at life, our lifestyle, work style, our relationships with people, relationship with nature, relationship with self—mostly everything has changed  #thenewnormal

With this unprecedented global catastrophe storming in our lives unannounced, we at first felt compelled to pause our lives and stay in our homes for longer duration than we ever otherwise imagined to.

Now that it has been over a year, and we are altering  our life in this new way of living, there is a lot that we have unlearned and learned.

Here— I am sharing my version of everything I learned and implemented during this lockdown period in 5 points.

Embrace the Change - At times of such major changes, when it is hard to see what might lie ahead, the most difficult yet important part is to accept the change. 

There are times everything feels stagnant because we are dwelling in the past about how "everything was" instead of how "everything is". 

Challenging stereotypes and forcing yourself to think beyond the obvious. For example - how we challenged the stereotypical and traditional ways of consultation to online consultation and trainings.

Nothing is permenent but change


Unwind from the depressing wind - Unwind and live in the moment. Avoid news and social media, avoid work stress. Focus on the "now". 

Maybe do some mandala art, or doodling, listen to calm music, or whatever calms your nerves. 

Whatever is going on in the world is not going to stop overnight, however we can keep our minds out of the chaos and work on relaxing ourselves during this huge mental health shift.

Relax...'s your time


To have a positive Body Image - With the gyms shut down, and the mirage of the quarantine "glow up" on social media and the expectation about taking the time to change the course of nutrition and exercise to get a "perfect" body put a lot of pressure on people. 

If you feel disconnected from yourself, start giving yourself more time and care. Perform small acts of self-care & appearance management will help you regain a tangible feeling of control.



Practice gratitude - We are not the same person we were a month ago, definitely not who we were an year ago. 

But sometimes, it's important to feel what we felt when we had lesser than we do now, to understand the value of everything we've achieved.  

We have been working hard in our professional life, and personal relationships. Remember the days evidently, when you were wishing for what you have now.

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grateful for.


5. We could be heroes, me and you - In this time of crisis, where everyone has been feeling helpless, we all can actually contribute in a larger level than we realize.

Small steps that can be taken to help yourself and others :

1) Make use of your network.

We as Image Consultants and Trainers have a varied network for our business.

Let us make use of that network to help people who are in need. 

In need of food, oxygen, basic supplies! 

Little things like putting up a post on our twitter and instagram to help the person reach people who will be able to help them can create a lot of difference.

2) Practice proper social distancing and self care.

Do not underestimate how much you can help by simply following the given public health guidelines. 

Even by just staying at home as much as you can and practicing social distancing, wearing masks when you go out, you are making a huge difference.

3) To be more Available .

In this fast-paced life we had become so busy with our own ups and downs that we stopped being emotionally available for other people. 

People who are feeling stressed don't want to feel stressed. 

Sometimes just 5 minutes of pure conversation can make someone's life a little bit easier.

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