Code Of Ethics

All Image Consultants Certified by IMPA as well as members of the Society shall be bound by the Code of Ethics prescribed by IMPA.

Obligation to the Public
  • To comply with the existing local, state, and national laws relevant to the operation of the business.
  • To serve clients without discrimination against anyone based on economic factors, race, creed, ethnic background, gender, age, physical condition, or country of origin.
  • To consider the social and environmental impact of the professional activities.
  • To rely only on the most accurate information and research in image-related fields, avoiding short cuts, superficial results and sensationalism.
  • Not to take employment, or undertake any professional responsibilities unless one is, by education, training, and experience, competent to adequately perform the work required – unless it is with the intention and approval to acquire the necessary competence.
  • Not to contract for or undertake more work than one can accomplish. Not to sacrifice quality for quantity, health or marriage for money.
  • To represent accurately, one’s qualifications, education, training, experience, and affiliations in all forms of communication.
  • To utilize opportunities to increase public understanding of the field of Image Management Consulting.
Obligation to the Profession
  • To conduct business with personal integrity, truthfulness, and honesty.
  • To act in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times and abstain from actions that discredit the profession.
  • To avoid any interest or activity which is in conflict, or could be viewed as in conflict, with professional responsibilities.
  • To be alert to and resist influences and pressures that interfere with the exercise of professional discretion and impartial judgment required for the performance of professional functions.
  • To maintain a professional appearance that reflects positively on the profession.
  • To present impeccable grooming, good taste, and style, with a touch of sophistication.
  • To continue one’s Professional Development and remain up-to-date, by upgrading knowledge, skills, and competence in the various disciplines relevant to the profession.
  • To encourage and contribute to building relationships between Image Consulting, the public, the related industries, and other professional disciplines.
  • To protect and enhance the dignity and integrity of the profession and reflect this responsibility in the discussion and criticism of the profession..
  • To act to prevent unqualified practice in the profession.
  • To contribute to the knowledge base of the profession.
  • To take credit only for work actually carried out in connection with professional practice or scholarly and research endeavours. To give credit to contributions made by others.
Obligation to the Client
  • To perform all services according to the highest standards of the profession.
  • To define clearly, the scope and nature of the project or services to be performed and all fees or costs involved.
  • To maintain set fee, the same for all. To show no favouritism.
  • Never to break one’s word.
  • To focus all attention on the client for the duration of service. Not to subcontract one’s work, unless based on prior agreement with the client or agreed upon in case of illness.
  • To hold client information in confidence. Never to disclose the names of clients or any information deemed confidential. To sign a letter of confidentiality if such a request is made.
  • To treat as confidential, all records obtained or created about a client being served.
  • In case of misunderstanding or disagreement, to communicate directly with the client or patron after the presentation.
  • To take care of the problem and solve it immediately.
  • To avoid petty issues.