Generally soft skills are about combination of various skills and personality traits that help an individual to achieve their goals. Sometimes we know do’s and don’ts of life but fail to understand how to implement these do’s and don’ts in real life scenarios. And sometimes the ordinary people around us make us learn to implement these extraordinary skills in ordinary ways. This article is an attempt to understand the attitude, gestures and lifestyle of an ordinary girl named Vera and thus exploring the do’s and don’ts of skills and personality traits. I am here with you as a reader watching her reactions in different scenarios of life and analyzing her viewpoint towards varied situations of life.

Vera a charming lady, no I don’t mean a fair and a sharp featured girl, but a dusky girl with a spectacular glow. She started with a pack of clothes. Unpacking the clutter all around the room. “Oh no, I am late for work, what to do?” with a tensed thought, she smiled vaguely.

 Tensed feelings and a smile, how can one have them at the same time? Is she implementing the concept ‘stress management’ here? I wondered …

And the following describes the scenarios for the next 1 hour: Burnt bread in the toaster, spilled tea on the floor, searching the forever-misplaced bag to be carried to office. Vera had a quick glance towards the room and then looked at her watch. Just 15 minutes were left for the cab. Vera knew it very well that she was at the brink of the battle. The battle of finding, arranging, and carrying things and catching the cab on time.

I could sense she was not good at time management as she was late for work and her clothes were also cluttered up on the bed, but can we mark this as a red flag in her personality or is it something very common for a person who was ill few days before? I questioned myself.

Finally, the arrangement part was done in 10 minutes and then the game of ‘catch me (cab) if you can’ needed to be played, to win the battle. “Please stop the car” she shouted and was running behind the cab like a hurricane. And then again “Please, I said stop” she shouted; the car finally stopped. Vera made her entry into it like a king attaining the throne. She was happy to make it on time. And then suddenly she realized, “My lunch bag!!” She had forgotten it.

“Hey how are you?” she asked a girl sitting next to her immediately, “it’s been long seeing you, so how was your trip?” and the conversation went on and Vera had such a content smile on her face.

I wondered again how one can be so relaxed; she just got out of a mess and then again got into another, still she went along without giving a single thought about the lunch.

She knew that it would be a hungry day for her, why is she not thinking about it? Is that what I need to learn, to be patient and not to worry about the things I can’t do anything about?

There seemed to be a peace deep within her and happiness floating in her veins which used to reflect all over her face. Mostly, in fact everyone, was pleased to meet her. The aura she carried was spectacular. She smiled and said hello to everyone around, though normal regular hello was received in return.

 I again recalled the concept ‘Keeping calm even when your day is not that good ‘

Finally, the destination arrived. It was the office premises. She looked at the building and suddenly the clouds of memories moved across her mind. She still remembered how doubtful and nervous she was, not knowing anyone, as she took her first steps into the building.  Now it’s been a full-fledged 3 years she has been working here. She remembered how she had taken her work as a challenge and completed her 3rd year at the office.

Hmm ‘Positive self-talk ‘an important theory I recalled.

“Hey girl you look beautiful” she was complimented by her colleague. She smiled in return and hastened her steps towards the building. As soon as she arrived at her workstation, everyone around looked tensed. Somebody told her you have been called by the boss. She understood there has been some trouble. She entered the room confidently.

Notice the word confidently. Is it what I need to focus on?

“Is it you? You did it Vera? how could you?” the boss questioned. She was numb trying to grasp each word. It was like she was asking for help, but nobody could hear her. “Blunder!! If it was someone else and not you Vera, I would have immediately fired” the boss roared. She could feel the wetness swelling in her eyes. It was like someone strangled her and she got choked. “Get off from my sight. I will call you after an hour, we will have a meeting over it’ the boss shouted.  She went away, afraid, and admonished. Everyone looked at her with strange, questioning eyes. Her colleague seated next to her stood and asked her “Are you alright?”.  She murmured “Yes,” trying her best to recollect all her strength and face that strange gaze. She went to the restroom cried and cried hard.  After that ocean of tears she murmured, “No worries. You are a strong girl darling “ she motivated herself.

I again questioned myself, is it self-motivation, what I just witnessed?

And now after a very tiring day she was back home from office. Tiring due to long continuous hours and due to ill and harsh words of her boss in the meeting. She cooked her meal, ate, watched TV, and lay in her bed with a blanket, thinking how she would concentrate more on her work and would try her best to not commit any mistake in future and also how she would not ever let someone else get the blame for her mistakes. She peeped through her window, it was twilight and a full moon tomorrow. She smiled again and slept peacefully.

Without a doubt I recognized, it was ‘Responsibility and Hope’ and I imbibed the concept.

So, this was her day. I was in awe of her personality traits and soft skills and promised to myself to inherit at least a couple of them. Thinking about Vera and her skills, I moved further ahead to explore around me more such personalities, their traits and skills.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a Big Difference!

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