About Us

Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA)

is the only association of Image Professionals in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. A not-for-profit organization, IMPA is dedicated to educating, facilitating, integrating, and regulating the profession of Image Management. It will certify Image Consultants at various levels and organize events and seminars to create awareness of the need for Image Management for individuals and companies.

It will also help individuals and companies search and identify an Image Consultant to suit their specific needs. Companies and individuals dealing in various image-related products and services will also have a listing in the IMPA directory.

Initially, IMPA will focus on India and expand to encompass the subcontinent and Middle-Eastern regions.

Our Vision

IMPA aims to educate, facilitate, integrate and regulate the Image Management industry by becoming a promoting platform for Image Consultants, creating benchmarks in the industry, and aiding professionals across India and the Middle East in providing better services for their varied clientele. In the process, it also strives to give back to society at large through diverse, exciting, and impactful social activities for the underprivileged section of the society.

Our Mission

– Promote the profession of Image Management.

– Provide for Continual Professional Development.

– Provide a benchmark for the highest standards of service in the profession.

– Provide free training to the underprivileged section of the society, aiding them with the know-how to get better opportunities and succeed in life

Key Objectives
  • To promote the need for Image Management for individuals, organizations, and companies.
  • To certify Image Consultants at various levels.
  • To offer membership to individuals and companies dealing in Image-related products and services at different levels of membership.
  • To facilitate the public to search for Image Consultants or individuals and companies dealing in image-related products and services as per their specific needs in a particular geographical territory.
  • To provide for Professional Development for Image Consultants by organizing programs, educational events, seminars, and conferences.
  • To integrate Image Consultants from the region to their colleagues in the rest of the world by creating opportunities for meetings and alliances.
  • To promote healthy Image Management practices by guiding, educating, and binding its members with the Code of Ethics of the profession.
  • To help and assist the society and the Government in addressing social issues such as skills gap that leads to multiple problems, including lack of employment.
  • To address consumer grievances with Image Consultants.