CLC Framework


For any Image Consultant, it is important to keep developing skills in order to move ahead in the profession and achieve greater heights. IMPA CLC Framework provides the roadmap for this Continuous Learning process for all their Certified Members.

IMPA Continuous Learning Credits
Learning Events
1 IMPA Master Class attendance 3-5 CLCs per day
2 IMPA Expert Class attendance 2 CLCs per day
3 IMPA Expert Class delivery 3 CLCs per day
4 Attending an IMPA Class 1 CLC per day
5 Attending an IMPA Webinar 1 CLC per webinar
6 Delivery of IMPA Class/Webinar – a domain or subject matter expert who is an IMPA member (subject to approval by IMPA) 2 CLCs per class/webinar
7 Attending 3 or more programs conducted by an external agency equivalent to the IMPA class or expert class (subject to approval by IMPA) 2 CLC per year
Community Participation
8 IMPA National Conference – Participation 5 CLCs
9 Speaker at IMPA National Conference 2 CLCs per year
10 IMPA National Head 3 CLCs per year
11 IMPA Chapter Head 2 CLCs per year
12 IMPA Chapter Secretary 1 CLC per year
13 Initiation of a CSR Initiative related with Image Building that support Image Management or Initiatives impacting lives of others positively by any form of learning and development initiatives 2 CLCs per initiative
14 Facilitating a corporate tie-up for CSR initiatives – tie-up must result in ongoing assignment for IMPA & is subject to IMPA approval by IMPA 2 CLCs per tie-up
15 Innovative assignment undertaken to promote the concept of Image Management that is unique in design and attracts attention of people towards the concept of Image Management/Image Consulting. (subject to approval by IMPA) 2 CLCs per assignment
16 Active on IMPA Social media platforms. Actively promoting the concept of Image Management, with a minimum of 5 post a month on the said/related topic on personal Facebook/twitter/Linked-in. The posts should largely evoke interest and curiosity about Image Management and excite people about the kind of work done and awareness created in this field with supporting evidence. 3 CLCs per year
17 Speaker in a big public forum as an Image evangelist and educating men & women including image consultants/professionals, on Image Management topics through workshops & trainings 2 CLCs per year
18 Getting an IMPA award 4 CLCs per year
19 Publishing articles, original systems or developed work such as and not confined to books, booklets, teaching or training aids, and/or image products. 2 CLCs per year
20 Contributing resources/ articles/ useful information for the benefit of all IMPA members (subject to IMPA approval) 2 CLCs per year
Professional Practice
21 Mandatory 80 hours of paid professional practice of client consultations & corporate assignments per year 2 CLCs per year

The CLC framework has been developed to enable all certified members of IMPA to:

  • Continuously upgrade their knowledge, skill and competence so as to establish themselves as distinguished professionals with high credibility.
  • Adopt a guided and structured process for progression in certification level and subsequent market leverage.
  • To nurture a participative community of Image Consultants and professionals who uphold the values of IMPA and spread awareness of the Image industry.

To maintain the current certification level or to progress from current certification level to a higher certification level requires a stipulated number of CLCs to be earned during each year as a mandatory requirement, in addition to other defined requirements. (Refer

Certification Level

Minimum term for next level

CLCs required for each year of the term

IMPA Certified Professional 1 Year 10
IMPA Certified Associate 2 Years 20
IMPA Certified Senior Associate 5 Years 30
IMPA Certified Master

While it is extremely important to earn as many CLCs as possible to achieve professional growth, the CLCs cannot be carried forward from one year to another. With market dynamics continuously changing, it is mandatory to earn CLCs every year, even though one may have acquired more than the minimum requirement in a year.


CLCs can be earned through the three methods explained below.

  1. IMPA- Learning Events: Attending or delivering a course or a class leading to professional growth as an Image Professional will earn you CLCs. It can either be organized by IMPA (IMPA Class, IMPA Expert Class and IMPA Master Class) or can be those conducted by an external agency. However, in case of attending the course or class conducted by an external agency, it will be required to get an approval from IMPA for its validity, to be considered as a CLC earning event. Delivering a class for an external agency will not be considered for allotting CLC under Learning Events but will be categorised under Community Participation or Professional Practice, as applicable.
  2. IMPA- Community Participation: Participating in functioning of IMPA by holding an office position or by participating in IMPA events and activities.
  3. IMPA- Professional Practice: Work done in the field of Image Management including receiving awards from IMPA for excellence in work.

Each of the above is explained in detail as under.


IMPA will organize educational events from time to time and these events will be in the categories of IMPA Class, IMPA Expert Class and IMPA Master Class.

IMPA Class

IMPA Class could be a half-day to full day workshop conducted through personalized training or webinars by a member who is a domain or subject matter expert or an external trainer/mentor from the industry, as approved by the IMPA Managing Committee. Delivering an IMPA class / webinar would earn 2 CLCs per class/ webinar. Attending the same will earn 1 CLC per day. The subject of the class will be such that it develops and assists an Image Professional in his/her work. For example:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Making Proposals
  • Making Presentations
  • Specialized training skills like facilitation, drama in training etc.

IMPA Expert Class

IMPA Expert Class can be one day or two days and will be conducted by an IMPA Senior Associate (3rd level certified) via personalized training or through webinars. The subject of the class would be on similar lines like an IMPA class or a deeper knowledge in any subject matter relating to Image Consulting or development of business of Image Professionals. For example:

  • Advanced Face Shape Analysis
  • How to effectively market workshops
  • Growing your Image Consulting Business
  • Alliances- an effective way to increase your Image Consulting business

Attending IMPA Expert Class would earn you 2 CLCs per day. Delivering an Expert class would earn 3 CLCs per day.

IMPA Master Class

An Image Master certified from any association in this domain will conduct IMPA Master Class. It can be one or two days. IMPA Master Classwill be on any related topic.Attending an IMPA Master Class would earn you 3 – 5 CLCs per day.


IMPA will continue to organize activities that help in strengthening the Community of Image Management Professionals. Participation in these activities will earn CLCs for the Certified Members. For example:

  • Attending IMPA National Conference
  • Speaker at IMPA National Conference
  • Holding an office position in IMPA
  • Image Management focused CSR and awareness activities etc.
  • Facilitating a corporate tie-up for CSR initiatives
  • Innovative assignment undertaken that increases awareness about the Image Management Community
  • Spreading awareness through social media
  • Speaker in a public forum promoting Image Management & educating men & women including image consultants & professionals through workshops & trainings on image management topics
  • Getting an IMPA Award
  • Publishing articles, original systems or developed work such as and not confined to books, booklets, teaching or training aids, and/or image products
  • Contributing resources/articles/useful information for the benefit of all IMPA members(subject to IMPA approval)

Note: Full description of above points is provided in the CLC allocation sheet.


Paid Professional work undertaken and successfully completed will also earn CLCs for the certified members as it demonstrates professional experience leading to learning. In this category, it is not about achieving a certain number of CLCs but it is about meeting a minimum requirement of 80 hours of paid work through client consultations and corporate assignments to be undertaken per year, which will earn 2 CLCs for the certified member. Details of the work done would need to be submitted as per prescribed format to IMPA, for allotment of the CLCs.


  • It is mandatory to earn CLCs every year in each of the 3 ways. The 2 CLCs to be achieved under the ‘Professional Practice of Image Management’ is a mandatory requirement.
  • Out of the balance CLCs required to be earned, based on the certification level, not more than 70% can be achieved under any one of the two remaining categories.
  • In case a certified member is not able to achieve the number of CLCs required to progress to a higher level in a year for some unavoidable circumstances, IMPA Managing Committee may permit making up of the same in the next year based on the nature of circumstances and the level of participation of the candidate in furthering the cause of IMPA.
  • In case a certified member attends an educational event outside of IMPA framework of IMPA Class, IMPA Expert Class or IMPA Master Class and feels that there should be credit given for CLCs, the same will be considered by IMPA Managing Committee, based on the validity of the event &evidence of having attended the same.
  • In both the above cases the decision of IMPA Managing Committee will be final and binding.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained above, IMPA Managing Committee has discretionary powers to allot up to 10 CLC points per year, for any extraordinary service and contribution made by Certified Members.