Become an Image Consultant

Become an Image Consultant

Image Consulting is the profession of helping people project a positive image. It deals with educating, and mentoring people by enhancing their image to have a happier, more meaningful, and more successful life.

The science of Image Consulting comes with extensive research and work on the client profile to give out desired output with a tangible result. It is an undeniable “Life Skill” where an Image Consultant coordinates all the elements to create the right image harmoniously. Individual elements of Image Consulting have existed for many years and an Image Consultant brings them together to give the desired results to the client while keeping in mind the client’s authentic style, appropriateness to their goal and roles, attraction, and budget.

Who is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a professional who works with clients to evaluate, improve, enhance, or upgrade their self-presentation—the way in which they present themselves in personal, social, and/or professional situations.

Benefits of an Image Consulting Career

Image Consulting continues to be on the rise, while many industries are floundering due to economic recession. As more people learn about image experts, they are seeking their services. More people are becoming interested in image services, “creating more opportunities for those entering the image consulting field.” .


Image Consulting is reported on consumer trend lists and in business books as one of the fastest-growing businesses in today’s service economy. People are generally dissatisfied with their image and are clueless about where to start making improvements. People value their time as much as their money and are therefore willing to pay for an image consultation to save them image anxiety, time, and effort. The sky is the limit.


Image Consultants have the privilege of helping others, by using their knowledge, skill, and creativity to improve and enhance lives in a multitude of little ways that bring a big return. What is more, they get to see the result of their work, make their vision a reality, and contribute to the overall good of the individuals and organization their clients are associated with, and that of society.


Being an Image Consultant is fun and fascinating work, offering incredible variety. It never gets boring as no two clients are ever the same, and each one provides new and challenging opportunities to learn and grow.


Individuals, who start their Image Consulting business, enjoy the independence and flexibility of being their boss and have a choice on clientele. They set their own goal and also have the choice of working on a flexible schedule.


A home-based business is easy to set up and supports Image Consultants’ independence and flexibility. They do not have to travel any distance to work. If there are children at home, the young ones see the effort that goes into a business and can learn and be inspired.


This business is all about people. Image Consultants get to work with people on an individual and personalized level and are instrumental in their success. Clients are particularly pleased when the people in their lives notice and compliment them on their new image. Many a time, the Consultant and client bonding/relationship is for life.


It is one of the few professions with as much social respectability as that of teaching, coaching, and mentoring... People view Image Consultants with renewed respect and often adhere to their life-changing advice.


Industry surveys off-shore, list Image Consulting incomes, that range from $15,000 to $60,000 within the first three to five years of business. In India, with a large population and the resulting demand, it can bring in much higher earning potential. Added to the fact that this is a new career in India, the pioneers in this field should be able to earn much more once they are established in their business. Some of the established Image Consultants abroad make over $100,000 a year. The key again is the Image Consultants’, passion, preparation, and perseverance.


Image Consultancy is never boring or stagnant. There is always an option to expand work and target the market. It satisfies the craving for personal and professional growth.


An Image Consultant also gets the gratifying opportunity to give back to society at large, by volunteering their time and skill with various charitable organizations and NGO(s).

Become an Image Consultant and Soft Skills trainer

Before being called an Image Consultant and Soft Skills professional, it is advisable to go through proper education and training in order to master the subject. To carry out the business of Image Consulting and Soft Skills, one needs to be educated and trained in three types of the core competency of this profession

  • Technical Knowledge – A thorough knowledge of all aspects of Image Consulting.
  • Professional Development – Skills to apply this technical knowledge to others, either to a group or on an individual basis, and be able to reflect the tangible result.
  • Business Management – Experience in the Organisational and Management aspects of running a business.

Once one is properly educated in all core competencies of Image Consulting and Soft Skills, one needs to have a business identity, in terms of company or brand name, website, social media presence and must possess all materials for one to one and group coaching services to individuals and companies. A certification from IMPA will help a great deal in building one’s business as an Image Consultant of/and Soft Skills Trainer.

You can look for training companies in your area to provide complete training on all aspects of Image Consulting and Soft Skills after the completion of the same and creating a business identity, you can then apply for certification from IMPA.