Going back to our old school days, when we are hardly thinking about our career and making most of our decisions because our closest friend is doing so or thinking ‘this way it’s going to look good’. We don’t know what’s right for us or rather to be more specific, what’s meant for us or to go deeper what is that one thing that will make us shine and we will be happy to do.

These questions while choosing a career rarely comes to our mind and we make several decisions which we repent later on. Here through this article I would like to draw the attention of students and parents to have a broader perspective while choosing your stream after 10th and hereby making a wise decision in deciding your career.

The career you choose is directly proportional to your Happiness. Below are the steps to decide best career for you:-

  1. Know your Strengths – Make a list of strengths you have. This list should include what you think you are good at, someone appreciated you about it, and you regularly get appreciation on it from people around you that could be your friends, parents, neighbors, and teachers. You can increase this list by choosing a Personality Test for yourself, a career counselor can help you with that selection and you can assess yourself correctly.
  2. List down Occupation – Corresponding to each strength list down the matching occupation or field of work. Don’t hesitate to have a wide range of options. The occupation list can be derived from the self-assessment test that you have done in Step 1. You can do one or more personality tests to know career options for you.
  3. Select the best One for You – In this step you have to select the occupation that fits you the most, the ones you are most interested in and the ones that bring a smile on your face. This is also the step to narrow down your list prepared in Step 2 and more likely to bring you closer to your goal of selecting a best career.
  4. Explore – After Step 3, you are left with few selected fields and trust me these are similar fields and the ones you will find hard to omit. But now is the time to explore each of these left occupation options. Search about them over the internet, talk to people who are already working in these fields and knock out ones that don’t interest you by going deeper.
  5. Map a career path – Finally the list of your interested fields is ready, choose the stream you have to go through to be what you want. Consult a career counsellor, look for study, degree or certifications needed to get to that field.

Decisions made in a rush and without a thought can lead to unhappy and unsatisfied careers for you. So choose wisely.

Shweta Sharma

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