Session on Emotional Intelligence at Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre

IMPA Pune Chapter Member - Rohini Dhage led a session on Emotional Intelligence and was co-facilitated by IMPA Pune Chapter Secretary - Pallavi Bengeri. 

The session focussed on the importance of emotional intelligence in personal, professional and social spheres, benefits of being emotionally intelligent, tips to enhance and regulate emotions, tips on responding vs reacting, nurturing meaningful relationships and having an optimistic mindset and attitude towards others.

It was an engaging, immersive session with relevant activities and the inmates eager to adapt tips to enhance their emotional intelligence and be emotionally intelligent!

Pune Chapter Leads Nikita Sankeshwar Gorde, Pooja Kamble, and chapter member Zahra Nasikwala supported the session.

Kudos Rohini for your commitment in conducting this session!