Wine Appreciation

This was one of the most awaited event for Thane chapter. The session had 10 IMPA members ads participants.

The team started at 8 am in an AC bus and reached Sula by 12 noon. Sula is a beautiful, well maintained vineyards and the tour and the tasting session started at 12.30pm.

Mr. Harish from Sula took us through the journey of Wine Tasting and Tour. Sula grows their own grapes, had come up with their first wine in year 2000 and now their presence is in 4 different locations in the country. Sula has different variants of white, red and sparkling wines. Sparkling wines are the Champagnes of Sula. Champagne is the brand of sparkling wines made in a village named Champagne in Europe. Thus the rest of the world cannot use this brand name. In rest of the world this wine is popularly know as Sparkling wines. Sula has Sparkling white wine and Sparkling Red wine.

Rose wine is one of the most popular Sula wines. Rose is a French word and means pink color. Red wines cost more as they need more processing. Rasa Sula Shiraz wine is a complex wine with power and finesse. Crafted from handpicked grapes, Rasa Shiraz is aged for 12 months. The participants witnesses the wine making process which was very interesting.

Wine tasting:

There is a subtle difference between the glasses used for white, red and sparkling wine. A traditional red wine glass has a bowl wide enough to swirl the wine allowing it to breath. White wine glasses have a large stem and more slender globe than red wine glasses. The sparkling wine glasses are called flute, they have narrow shape which helps preserve bubbles.The wine glasses are to be held from the stem and not from the globe.

Wine tasting process:There are 4 steps to this process:

1: Look: Begin holding the wine glass against a white background, evaluate its color and clarity.

2. Swirl: Swirl the wine in yoyr glass to aerate it and release its aroma.

3. Smell: To properly smell your wine, put your nose in the glass and take a deep breath. Pay attention to what the wine smells like. Older wines should have subtler aromas than younger ones.

4. Taste :To taste wine, fill your mouth about half full and subtly swish the wine around. Moving the wine in your mouth should release its aroma and coat your mouth.

****Please note that sparkling wines are NOT to be swirled***

Wondering Souls our event partner had organized the event very well.

All participants went back home happy, refreshed and more confident about wine etiquette.

  • March 19 2019