Take The Lead

Take The Lead, the Dance stylization and movement workshop at Stance Studio, Delhi conducted by choreographers Himani Khurana and Sushant Ummat for IMPA-Delhi. The session involved balancing the body, making the presence felt while being on the stage, poise, posture, walk and facial expressions while dancing. As an Image consultant, this learning can be applied to our client from all age groups.

Key takeaways:

  • Correct posture- very important to look confident and a must when taking a training or a one on one.
  • Body alignment- lengthening and stretching the core muscle to appear taller and more graceful.
  • Body movements learnt via dance steps which communicate a message of poise and confidence.
  • The ‘heel toe’ method of walking, useful on the ramp- which can be imparted to our ‘pageant ready ‘clients.
  • The joy of learning things in a group activity, helping you build camaraderie.
  • August 20 2019