Reading Between The Lines, a Graphology Workshop

Ms. Suprabha’s session on Graphology was an enlightining introduction to a topic that most participants were unaware of. It gave insights into how handwriting can tell us about ourselves. Ms. Suprabha talked about what is graphology and how it is used to identify the writer’s personality traits, handwriting is brain writing, using graphotherapy to resolve underlying problems. She discussed about the scenarios where graohlogy can be used such as choosing the right person for the right job, choosing the right life or business partner, choosing the right profession based on one’s own personality.

She also discussed the limitations of graphology and whay it can’t be used to identify, such as identifying the age of the writer, their sex, and that it can only be used for English writing. She took handwriting and signature samples from all the participants and gave an analysis to each of us about our personality traits. Every person agreed with their analysis which peaked their interest on the subject even further.

The participants had multple questions about how to rectify their negative aspects, they also had questions about how she identified the traits using the handwriting. Ms. Suprabha explained how to interpret different aspects based on the size and shape of lettering, use of margins etc. The session was extremely interactive and the participants had many questions which were answered and we all gained valuable learning from the session.

  • January 18 2019