Presentation of Food & Molecular Gastronomy

All the participants were beautifully turned out and excited to learn. The session opened with a small ice breaker activity. We then went to the Hafele presentation room to see a PPT on food gastronomy and the 4 kinds of chemicals we would be using to create gastronomy components like gels, dust, foam, pannacotta & molds. We used these to present a salad, an appetizer and desserts. The group was very participative and interactive. Most of them tried their hand at helping the chef create the wonderful presentations. Everyone got a handout of the recipes and a sample kit of chemicals like Agar Agar to carry home to try their hand at gastronomy. It was wonderful learning and the back drop of the world famous Hafele kitchen’s experience centre took the whole workshop to the next level. Chef Apar Rustagi & Niyati Rustagi answered all the queries of the participants and displayed great training and interactive techniques.
  • September 09 2019