Photography from Image Management point of view

The session was very informative and relevant, as it was customised for Image Consultants. The presenter, though an accomplished commercial and fashion photographer, was very open and honest in sharing tips and experiences in the field. He helped each individual participant discover their best profile (angle of camera in which they look the best). He shared detailed information about various factors that affect photography, like ideal resolution of pictures for different media, ideal camera as per need. He also spoke about the points to be kept in mind while planning a photoshoot, either for oneself or for a client. It was very thoughful of him to bring along Anjali, a model who demonstrated tips and tricks to posing right, and getting the ideal photograph, for different attire, and for different purposes. He also shared insights about the common mistakes people make, and how to avoid them. There was also information shared about photo and video editing, and how to shoot videos of themselves, for uploading on youtube channels. In a nutshell, a very interactive, fun-filled session, packed with insights into the world of photography.
  • August 11 2019