Leadership The Army Way

Col Tarun Kumar’s session on Leadership- The Army Way was very well planned and executed. Col. Tarun was able to break down a topic that most consultants are already aware of and made some connections through appropriate stories. He talked about the what Leadership means in all of our lives. He spoke about how we can all become leaders by having the right attitude and belief systems. Leadership has to be internal, you are not only a leader when others recognise it but you yourself need to perceive yourself as a leader. Using the Lion and Eagle as an example he spoke about the qualities vital in a leader like Attitudes, Attributes, Aptitude and Altitude. He then spoke about the Army and explained how right from the day they set foot into the academy soldiers are trained and tested in various ways to bring out the leadership and decision making skills. He spoke about the physical training and the various posting such as Kargil and Siachen Glacier and his experiences there. Col. Tarun spoke about how the strategies used in each of the posting are different because of how different the terrain and environment around them are. The Question & Answer part of the session session was extremely interactive and lasted for nearly an hour. The participants had many questions which were answered and we all gained valuable learning from the session. The Participants are extremely curious about life in the army. They wanted to know about making quick decisions when they have huge implications etc.
  • August 25 2019