Field Visit On Mens Styling with 108Bespoke

The session was very interesting with lot of participation and great feedback. A lot of insight on the fabric, types of fabrics and their usability was discussed in the forum. Different types of fabrics were also provided to indulge in the see/feel factor. Participants got a better understanding of fabrics, the life span of different fabrics and and its history along with the understanding of which fabric is suitable for which type of outfit (shirts/suits/trousers). The session was much interactive resolving many queries of the team w.r.t to Fabric, accessories and men styling and the experiences of the 108Bespoke team with their clients also helped the IMPA participants understand the needs/requirements of the customers which will help them in their handling of customers/clients. There is also a Whatsapp group created by the Bespoke team in order to continue this learning and throw/clarify queries if any by the members. Overall a good session with lots of learning.
  • July 17 2019