Cathartic Expression through colours

Event organized by Gurgaon Chapter on “Colors” was very well thought through and executed. The event was about exploring one’s potential through non-verbal expressions. It was extremely therapeutic to use colors to express your emotions and feelings on paper. Ms. Anjali Chawla, the facilitator has kept the audience engaged with her insightful and enjoyable inferences.

Event started with few minutes of meditation which has immediately created the energy in all participants. The outdoor event has increased the motivation and encouraged the creativity of the participants. This Art Therapy technique can always be used by all the budding consultants for building a good report with their respective clients.

The Chapter is thankful to all 24 participants who made this event a success, The Streat and Ms. Abha Chaudhary for sponsoring the refreshments and Ms. Anjali for giving a life long experience.

  • January 31 2019