Chandigarh Chapter

Abha Chaudhury – Chapter President

Abha is a certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute. She is an accomplished and versatile professional with a career spanning 25 years traversing diverse fields. Her body of work as an Interior Designer, includes heading departments for architectural firms, executing contracts, in a consultative capacity and self-owned private enterprise. She has acquired the skills to demonstrate the abilities of an outstanding trainer to deliver interesting and relevant presentations, provide an atmosphere of acceptance and approval through feedback and praise, create a participator ...Read More

Monika Dhiman – Chapter Secretary

Monika is an astute professional with 7+ years of experience in entire Financial Operations, Client Relationship Management and Credit Risk Management. Though she is MBA in Banking and Finance with Honors in Accountancy yet she never stopped herself from diving and exploring various verticals starting from customer service to backend to immigration and even frontline operations. That’s how she calls herself “AN EXPLORER”. She already holds certification in soft skills by C-Toss (Chandigarh Training on Soft Skills). Currently she is on sabbatical and enjoying her motherhood ye ...Read More