IMPA Gurgaon and Literacy India

IMPA Gurgaon Chapter associated with Literacy India conducted a series of soft skills training sessions as a Pilot Project. The sessions were designed and curated for 20 students to enhance their communication and employability skills.

The third session of the Pilot Project focused on Personal Grooming and Minding Manners. The session covered the importance of personal grooming and hygiene, professional attire, looking the part, accessories, and clothes care. The session was very engaging and facilitated by IMPA Gurgaon Members –  Ms. Ashima Babbar, Ms. Neha Vasdev, and Ms. Sarika Chawla.

The fourth session focused on Corporate Etiquette and explored nuances of business card etiquette, handshake etiquette, cubicle etiquette, email etiquette, meeting etiquette, telephone mannerisms, gifting, and dining etiquette. The session was interactive with role plays, demos, and quizzes and facilitated by  Ms. Aarti Hasija and Ms. Vaishalee Jolly.
Kudos to Ashima, Neha, Sarika, Aarti, and Vaishalee for your dedication and will to make a difference and create an impact!