The NeuroPathway to Happiness

It was an amazing session on mid-brain activation with our IMPA Member, Dr. Rashmi Sharma. She enlightened us about the functioning of the brain, that is, how the left brain and right brain works. She explained the importance of the subconscious mind and how positive results can be achieved by training our subconscious mind.She also explained the different states of brain-Alpha & Beta. She installed “Alpha Mudra” in the brain of all the participants with the help of which, they can achieve the desired results. The most interesting part of the session was when she demonstrated how “Third Eye Activation” works with the help of her daughter, who was blind-folded and could recognise who raised their hands, what was there on the phone that was shown at a distance. The memorising technique was also demonstrated when we wrote random numbers on the board and her daughter was able to memorise them in a sequence and say the same without looking. Another interesting part of the session was the Healing Technique, which was not only demonstrated but was also a hands-on experience for all the participants. A glass of water was given to everyone to taste and then she explained the healing technique, after which, a difference in the taste of water was observed. This session empowered everyone to use the subconscious mind at its optimum and was very well appreciated by all the attendees.The facilitator had excellent knowledge and her demonstrations were amazing. It was overall an enlightening experience to know about all the wonderful techniques shared during the session along with a great turnout of attendees.
  • September 17 2019