Hair Styling and Care Tips and Tricks

The Learning session on Hair Care & Styling Tips and Tricks went off very well. There were a lot of basic doubts and myths about the subject which were clarified. Some very valuable tips on hair care home remedies and tricks for maintaining hair were shared. Each participant was given a free hair consultation with recommendations for their hair types. Hair color and treatment myths, types and details were shared. How to blow dry hair on your own, how to hold the brush and more such basics were taught on the volunteering participants hair. Different kinds of styling like braiding, puffs, fishtail, tongs were practically taught.

It was a full class and a very well received session. Participants will be more confident about their own hair types, the hair care details and will no more be fooled by myths doing rounds in the market. Also they will be confident in handling clients well on the topic and will be confident in doing their own hair styling as well.

  • July 17 2019